Friday, May 8, 2015

Post 12

Looking back on this year, I feel I have accomplished a lot pertaining to my 20 time project. This year I had to formulate an idea, find connections in order to have people to help me make this walk happen, find a date, and then plan this walk. So, I decided I wanted to plan a walk for a camp that held close to my heart, Kids on the Go. The reasoning behind me picking this camp is because of my brother. Through the experiences of having a brother with special needs, I wanted to help provide money to a camp which gives many opportunities to children with special needs in the summer. 
As I began planning I met up with a close family friend which also happens to be the founder of this camp. She guided me and helped me organize my ideas into a walk. Even though my ideas for the walk changed constantly, she was there ready to lead me to where I needed to go. At first, I wanted to make my own walk, located at my school, in May. Well, now past the date in which I would've made it, I chose to do it in the fall. I was able to team up with the Grosse Pointe Run. This takes place in the fall and I would just make a group for Kids on the Go and they would help me advertise. This was a wonderful opportunity which will allow me to have a much more successful walk. 
Right now, I have learned so much about planning an event and seeing how a commute can come together in order to sponsor a wonderful cause. Unfortunately in the beginning I didn't see how much I was going to benefit out of this experience because I was frustrated at how I couldn't get anything to work and how I couldn't choose a date that would be approved by my school. Also, on top of that I felt extreme anxiety because I really wanted the walk to work as it is a really important cause to me. I also learned what it takes to bring a society together. As I was planning, I had the support of family and friends but, I didn't realize the difficulty of getting a name of an event out there in your society. I really wanted to have this be successful and so at first I was brainstorming all possibilities for advertising then, the opportunity for the walk in the fall appeared which relieved me immensely. However, even though I don't have to do as much advertising I still saw how hard it is to bring a community together. Overall, this walk has provided me with a lot of knowledge about the difficulties of planning a walk and doing something that is really importing to you. So, I hope that the walk in the fall will be as successful as possible. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Post 11

These past weeks have been pretty uneventful. Since my walk has been switched to a later date I did not get anything new accomplished. However, this week I plan to contact the owner of the camp so that I can begin creating my website for the walk. I also need to start looking into my speech. In my english class we need to create and present a speech pertaining to our projects. So, this week I also plan to find a subject to speak about for my talk and I would like to start writing it as time is running out before the end of the school year. My speech needs to be around eight minutes long so, I have a lot of work to do. I am a little bit anxious about delivering this speech though, so I need to practice it a lot in these weeks to come.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Post 10

This week, my whole project changed. I am still doing a walk in order to benefit Kids on the Go however, I am not holding the walk on May 3rd. Now, I am teaming up with the Grosse Pointe Run and through that I will have my own team and will most likely end up with a greater turnout. The GP Run is highly advertised and I will have my own website, making it so much easier for my walk to be successful. Although, my walk will end up taking place in September. This is a great relief because I was highly stressed about getting the walk out there and making sure that many people would show. I am excited for the walk as I do not have to put it together really quickly, not putting as much time as I would desire into it. Now, I will have plenty of time over the summer and now to make sure my walk does well. I am now very excited for this walk to take place and I now am going to start working on finding a name for my walk. I am considering the phrase, "Someone special needs you! Walk for someone special." But, I hope to have the name of my walk finalized by next week so I can create my website!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Post 9

This week I finally confirmed the date for the walk. My walk will be on May 3rd from 9:30 am until 12:30pm. I am very happy that I could work with Grosse Pointe South and was allowed to use the track because I think it will make it easier having all of the participants contained in one area. Now, I need to work on getting the word out about my walk. Hopefully I will be able to have the Grosse Pointe News publish a story about my walk. However, before I publicize my walk I really need to figure out the logistics of what will happen during my walk to make sure that I can pull it off. I am getting worried about the deadline though. I really hope I can pull off the walk in two months. I was not anticipating that finding a date would take about two months. However, I am so excited to be able to finally start planning!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post 8

    This past week I found that I can't host the walk on a Saturday. The school can't commit on a day where there may be school events taking place. So, I have to choose a Sunday. My choices were either May 3rd or May 10th. I requested May 3rd because May 10th is Mothers Day. I resubmitted my building use form and am now waiting to see if this will work. I'm hoping the walk will get the same if not better turnout on a sunday however, I realize it may be difficult with church going on in the morning as well. 
    I am hopeful that this day works but, with the trouble I have had, I have no more room for error and am scared that I won't be able to put this walk together as I can't start planning until I have a date. I plan on going to the athletic office and finding if the date can work tomorrow so that I can start. Once I have a date I am going to get back in touch with the founder and begin the planning!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Post 7

This last week I turned in my building use form to the Grosse Pointe South High School athletic office. Although, I have not heard anything back yet. Before I turned in the slip, I emailed the track coach and he said that there will be no track events. When I turned in the slip they mentioned that South was hosting no home games that day however, they do not know about women's soccer yet. So, I am currently waiting on whether or not that will be free of soccer that day. Tomorrow I'm planning on either dropping into the office to check on the status of the slip or I'm going to email them to see if it is finished. After I get the slip back I have to get it signed by the activities director at south and then, I can begin the planning and advertising! I am so excited but, I'm so nervous because the date is approaching fast!! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post 6

This past two weeks, I have been working on finding a place to host my walk. Currently, I think I am going to have it at Grosse Pointe South High School on the track. I recently picked up a building use form from the athletic office in my school. They think the track will be open that day however, they need to check with the track coach to make sure that there will not be any track meets that day. They mentioned that I should contact the coach in order to find out faster if I can do it then. So, this week I am either going to go and ask the coach or just email him and fill out the building use form either way. I am really excited about this walk and I believe I have found a date for sure and that is May 9th. This seems to be the most promising date for the availability of the track. So, I am hopeful that the track will work and if it does then I can begin the fun part which is the planning!