Sunday, December 7, 2014

Post 4

    This week I haven't done much to further the walk. I'm stuck because I can't talk to the founder of the camp until after the first of the year. So, I have been focusing my attention on fundraising ideas. I still have not put some sort of container at registers but, I want to begin that soon.
    This week I found out about AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is a wonderful program Amazon set up. AmazonSmile is an easy way for someone to support a charitable organization every time you shop and it doesn't cost the shopper any additional money! If you shop at you can pick a charity and continue to shop as if it were the regular website and then when you check out, Amazon will donate a portion (0.5%) of the purchase price to your chosen charity. My sister tried this out last week and Kids on the Go is already listed as an available charity. She chose that and was able to pick the same products as the regular Amazon website and priced the same as well! So, I had an idea to promote using AmazonSmile to people around our town and have them choose Kids on the Go. I'm not sure how to go around promoting this more however, I'm planning on brainstorming more this week.
    So far, I'm kind of nervous about the standstill I'm at pertaining to the walk. But, I am hoping that this project will go well and am feeling more excited as to the outcome. I have been finding other great fundraising opportunities on the side of the walk so, I am making some progress!