Sunday, January 11, 2015

Post 5

This week I met up with the founder of Kids on the Go, the camp that I'm benefitting in my walk! We spoke about so many aspects of a walk that need to get accomplished which made me a little nervous. But, she was so helpful and we got so many ideas rolling so I can get started planning the walk! First and foremost, I can't go on to any of the other details until I find a date that works and a venue. She brought up something that never really came to mind, that instead of just finding one venue that works, I need to find two! I didn't think about the weather because no one will go to a walk if it's raining. We spoke about the date and decided that May would be a great time to do the walk because if I were to do it in the end of April, it could snow like it did last year. However, so many walks take place in May so I need to dodge as many of those as possible. Also, there is First Communions at the nearby churches to keep in mind especially St. Paul on the Lake and Star of the Sea Catholic Churches. If I hold it one of those days I'm afraid it could take away some of the possible participants. Throughout this next week, I need to find out what those dates are to attempt to avoid them. We chose that this walk should be on a Saturday morning as most are. Another date to avoid is the Relay for Life which takes place at the Grosse Pointe Farms Pier Park on May 16. Also, towards the end of May there is graduation for colleges and such. So, we are going to attempt to hold it on May 9th. Although this is mothers day weekend, I think that may be a good thing because most people stay in town this weekend. However, this is all dependent on when the venue is open.
I would like to hold the walk at Grosse Pointe South High School, on their track. I think this would be a great place to have it because everyone will be contained in one area and it has a concession stand area where we could possibly have food, t-shirts, and entertainment. Also, if it rains I could have the gym or somewhere close as a back- up, if available. If I find that Grosse Pointe South can't accommodate me then, I think I will try the Pier Park, alike to where the Relay for Life is held. However, I want as many people as possible to go so I don't know if the Grosse Pointe Farms park would be the best place. If that doesn't work then I will have to look at other options like the Grosse Pointe Woods Park or I might have to change the date.
After I find a date and place to hold the walk, I will need to figure out the advertisement and such. Kristy, the founder of Kids on the Go, knows someone from the Grosse Pointe News and she thinks it would be a wonderful idea to pitch a story to advertise the walk! I think it would be a great source of advertisement. Also, Kristy would extend the invitation to all of the kids and their families who have participated in and gone to the camp. Since there will be a lot of children there, I think there should be a source of entertainment other than the walk so that if the children get tired after a few laps or if they have a disability that prevents them from participating then, they could do something else. We spoke about maybe putting stamps or stickers on the hands of children who have gone a certain amount of laps or such. Also, we threw around the idea of having balloons and giving them to the children because then, it could show a visual of how many children participated and I think it would be a really fun aspect of the walk. In a past event that Kristy held, a party after camp had ended for the summer, the families whose children participated in the camp came and met the sponsors of the children and at this event there was a DJ and the children absolutely loved it and had so much fun. So, we thought that it would be a great idea to have him there and it would be a great source of entertainment for the kids.
I have decided that instead of having people make teams and pay for the walk in those ways, that there would be a flat rate for children and for adults. Also, I will include in a sign that donations are greatly appreciated so that we can raise as much as possible. I have considered getting t-shirts but, that would raise the admission prices. Also, I think we definitely need water bottles and need to do some other source of food. But, to begin I need to push through the greatest difficulty of finding a date and a venue! I feel really good about the walk but, I am feeling a little nervous about finding a date and place that will work!

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