Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post 6

This past two weeks, I have been working on finding a place to host my walk. Currently, I think I am going to have it at Grosse Pointe South High School on the track. I recently picked up a building use form from the athletic office in my school. They think the track will be open that day however, they need to check with the track coach to make sure that there will not be any track meets that day. They mentioned that I should contact the coach in order to find out faster if I can do it then. So, this week I am either going to go and ask the coach or just email him and fill out the building use form either way. I am really excited about this walk and I believe I have found a date for sure and that is May 9th. This seems to be the most promising date for the availability of the track. So, I am hopeful that the track will work and if it does then I can begin the fun part which is the planning!

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