Sunday, March 22, 2015

Post 10

This week, my whole project changed. I am still doing a walk in order to benefit Kids on the Go however, I am not holding the walk on May 3rd. Now, I am teaming up with the Grosse Pointe Run and through that I will have my own team and will most likely end up with a greater turnout. The GP Run is highly advertised and I will have my own website, making it so much easier for my walk to be successful. Although, my walk will end up taking place in September. This is a great relief because I was highly stressed about getting the walk out there and making sure that many people would show. I am excited for the walk as I do not have to put it together really quickly, not putting as much time as I would desire into it. Now, I will have plenty of time over the summer and now to make sure my walk does well. I am now very excited for this walk to take place and I now am going to start working on finding a name for my walk. I am considering the phrase, "Someone special needs you! Walk for someone special." But, I hope to have the name of my walk finalized by next week so I can create my website!

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  1. I think it's cool that your 20 Time is extending all the way into next year and that you're keeping up with it so nicely. My first 20 Time started off like this (helping others), but I just was not committed as bad as that sounds. Your project kind of makes me wish I had stuck with it, because of all the people it might've benefited. I'm really excited for you, Grace! :)