Friday, May 8, 2015

Post 12

Looking back on this year, I feel I have accomplished a lot pertaining to my 20 time project. This year I had to formulate an idea, find connections in order to have people to help me make this walk happen, find a date, and then plan this walk. So, I decided I wanted to plan a walk for a camp that held close to my heart, Kids on the Go. The reasoning behind me picking this camp is because of my brother. Through the experiences of having a brother with special needs, I wanted to help provide money to a camp which gives many opportunities to children with special needs in the summer. 
As I began planning I met up with a close family friend which also happens to be the founder of this camp. She guided me and helped me organize my ideas into a walk. Even though my ideas for the walk changed constantly, she was there ready to lead me to where I needed to go. At first, I wanted to make my own walk, located at my school, in May. Well, now past the date in which I would've made it, I chose to do it in the fall. I was able to team up with the Grosse Pointe Run. This takes place in the fall and I would just make a group for Kids on the Go and they would help me advertise. This was a wonderful opportunity which will allow me to have a much more successful walk. 
Right now, I have learned so much about planning an event and seeing how a commute can come together in order to sponsor a wonderful cause. Unfortunately in the beginning I didn't see how much I was going to benefit out of this experience because I was frustrated at how I couldn't get anything to work and how I couldn't choose a date that would be approved by my school. Also, on top of that I felt extreme anxiety because I really wanted the walk to work as it is a really important cause to me. I also learned what it takes to bring a society together. As I was planning, I had the support of family and friends but, I didn't realize the difficulty of getting a name of an event out there in your society. I really wanted to have this be successful and so at first I was brainstorming all possibilities for advertising then, the opportunity for the walk in the fall appeared which relieved me immensely. However, even though I don't have to do as much advertising I still saw how hard it is to bring a community together. Overall, this walk has provided me with a lot of knowledge about the difficulties of planning a walk and doing something that is really importing to you. So, I hope that the walk in the fall will be as successful as possible. 

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